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Lou Higuera is a board-certified nurse practitioner with a passion for finding and treating the root causes of chronic illness.

“I have been recommending collagen to clients for quite a while. When I was introduced to One Scoop Wonder, I could not believe the amount and quality of ingredients in one product. I see very sick people with chronic illness who need nutritional support on many levels. This product prevents the need to purchase a separate vitamin and several other supplements. The combo of vitamins, minerals, collagens, stress support, liver support, adrenal and immune support, probiotics, and superfoods is not one I’ve found in any other product. At its price point, it’s more economical than purchasing a multitude of other products to get the same level of nutrients. There are no artificial sweeteners and the taste is surprisingly pleasant! I have recommended a vast amount of products to people over the years, but this is one of the few I get really excited about! Thanks Mason Grove for making a perfect product!” 

One Scoop Wonder

Premium Nutrition in Just One Scoop

One Scoop Wonder, Berry Collagen+ is here! Just like the original amazingly popular unflavored Collagen+, the Berry Collagen+ is sweetened by a blend of berries, beet root powder, stevia and monk fruit. This yummy wellness beverage is the perfect way to start your day! It's such an extraordinarily simple solution for uncomplicating your wellness routine with one perfect scoop of yummy goodness. It's like a glass of sunshine.

More than 35 proprietary ingredients

  • All 5 collagen types

  • 11g of protein

  • Full vitamin complex

  • Antioxidants

  • Energy blend

  • Digestive support

  • Gut health support

  • Brain health support

  • Metabolic support

  • Mood support

  • Hair, skin, and nails support

All in just One Scoop A Day!

Our original unflavored, unsweetend Collagen+ is a favorite for coffee, smoothies, and juices. The new berry flavored is perfectly refreshing and easily mixed with water or in smoothies.



Below is a FREE guide to help you determine all the ways you can benefit from a full-value Collagen supplement. 


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